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Fernando Coelho


Head of the Teacher Trining programme PHfT Palucca Hochschule für tanz Dresden-Germany


  • Ballet dancer: Centro de Danças Helfany & Jânia

  • Business administration: Universidade Gama Filho

  • Diploma in Stage Dance Education for Ballet, Modern Dance and Pas de Deux: Mannheim University of Music and Performing Arts, Mannheim/Heidelberg


  • International stage experience as a soloist:

  • Ballet Jovem Helfany & Jânia  (Helfany Peçanha)

  • Corpo de Baile da Cidade de Niterói  (Helfany Peçanha)

  • Fundação Theatro Municipal do Rio de Janeiro (Tatiana Leskova)

  • Grupo de Dança D.C.  (João Wlamir)

  • Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe  (Germinal Casado)

  • Choreographic work ( award-winning) including: “Entre Nós”, “Beim Schlafen gehen”, “Oposição”, “Canção de Amor” etc.

teaching experience

  • International professional experience as ballet master and assistant, e.g. at the Landestheater Salzburg

  • Artistic consultant and coordinator of the “Association L’Avant-scène Danse Jânia Batista” in Lausanne since 1997

  • Founder member of the dance foundation “Fundação Fluminense de Ballet” in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil since 1986

  • Visiting lecturer and jury member at various ensembles, workshops and educational institutions all over the world

about work

In professional terms I am firmly rooted in ballet and consider it my main task to convey not just technique but also the passion for dance. In addition to my classical training I am always open to taking up and implementing impulses from new and contemporary movements. As well as teaching dancers, in recent years I have also concentrated on educational theory in the context of my teaching work for the development of future dance education.
The main aims of teaching professional qualifications in dance/dance education are the development of sound technique, linked to musicality and artistic expression, and confidence in the vocabulary and terminology of dance. It is equally important to me to support the students in developing their artistic personality, enabling them to foster their individual talents and expand their horizons. Only on the basis of this self-image do students become able to prepare themselves for a professional career. An artist’s personality is based on social competence, group dynamics, individuality, reflective skills, motivation and self-confidence.

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